Photo of Lucia  Mayer
Lucia Mayer 38.54
Photo of Merhawi  Asmelash
Merhawi Asmelash 33.13

U06 Mädchen

Photo of Milla  Haldimann
Milla Haldimann 2.51
Photo of Nadine  Haas
Nadine Haas 3.11
Photo of Sara  Zurfluh
Sara Zurfluh 2.50

U06 Knaben

Photo of Luan  Aakti
Luan Aakti 2.49
Photo of Nicolas  Mangold
Nicolas Mangold 2.50

U08 Mädchen

Photo of Tiziana  Rosamilia
Tiziana Rosamilia 2.18
Photo of Tirza  Laubscher
Tirza Laubscher 2.26
Photo of Lorena  Lisser
Lorena Lisser 2.28

U08 Knaben

Photo of Adriano  Rosamilia
Adriano Rosamilia 2.01
Photo of Silas  Gysi
Silas Gysi 2.06
Photo of Constantin  Zisler
Constantin Zisler 2.07

U10 Mädchen

Photo of Anna  Betschart
Anna Betschart 6.09
Photo of Talitha  Laubscher
Talitha Laubscher 6.18
Photo of Trinity  Eberhard
Trinity Eberhard 6.43

U10 Knaben

Photo of Loic  Schneider
Loic Schneider 6.08
Photo of Lars  Ineichen
Lars Ineichen 6.12
Photo of Denis  Spielmann
Denis Spielmann 6.13

U12 Mädchen

Photo of Velentina  Rosamilia
Velentina Rosamilia 5.52
Photo of Lilly  Nägeli
Lilly Nägeli 5.59
Photo of Alina  Sticher
Alina Sticher 6.16

U12 Knaben

Photo of Dorian  Metraux
Dorian Metraux 5.37
Photo of Mickael  Marti
Mickael Marti 5.40
Photo of Lionel  Schneider
Lionel Schneider 5.59

U14 Mädchen

Photo of Nora  Gmür
Nora Gmür 8.34
Photo of Anais  Röhler
Anais Röhler 9.21
Photo of Tonja  Betschart
Tonja Betschart 9.37

U14 Knaben

Photo of Ramon  Hürlimann
Ramon Hürlimann 8.45
Photo of Pascal  Luzio
Pascal Luzio 8.57
Photo of Toni  Wüthrich
Toni Wüthrich 9.02

U16 Mädchen

Photo of Joana  Pani
Joana Pani 8.59
Photo of Léa  Rochat
Léa Rochat 9.00
Photo of Amy  Leibundgut
Amy Leibundgut 9.16

U16 Knaben

Photo of Kye  Murrell
Kye Murrell 8.03
Photo of Lars  Schnyder
Lars Schnyder 8.06
Photo of Jan  Schnyder
Jan Schnyder 8.36

U18 Juniorinnen

Photo of Tanja  Forster
Tanja Forster 13.05
Photo of Vasiliki  Bourtzakis
Vasiliki Bourtzakis 14.05
Photo of Astrid  Sennrich
Astrid Sennrich 16.38

U18 Junioren

Photo of Jan Andreas  Thalmann
Jan Andreas Thalmann 11.55
Photo of Nico  Schneider
Nico Schneider 12.25
Photo of Sven  Grüter
Sven Grüter 13.02

U20 Juniorinnen

Photo of Loriana  De Martin
Loriana De Martin 13.23
Photo of Emma  Wassmer
Emma Wassmer 13.31

Kurzstrecke Frauen

Photo of Marianne  Kämpf
Marianne Kämpf 24.51
Photo of Seraina  Glaus
Seraina Glaus 26.17
Photo of Sibylle  Dürrenmatt
Sibylle Dürrenmatt 24.33

Kurzstrecke Männer

Photo of Dominic  Müller
Dominic Müller 21.28
Photo of Julian  Hodel
Julian Hodel 22.28

U20 Junioren

Photo of Cédric  Lehmann
Cédric Lehmann 11.07
Photo of Cristian  Trujillo
Cristian Trujillo 11.21
Photo of Hervé  Laville
Hervé Laville 11.26

Frauen F20

Photo of Martina  Strähl
Martina Strähl 39.00
Photo of Bayush  Eshtuu
Bayush Eshtuu 39.42
Photo of Jasmin  Widmer
Jasmin Widmer 39.43

Frauen F30

Photo of Lucia  Mayer
Lucia Mayer 38.54
Photo of Daniela  Aeschbacher
Daniela Aeschbacher 39.24
Photo of Susanne  Rüegger
Susanne Rüegger 39.53

Frauen F40

Photo of Ursula  Spielmann
Ursula Spielmann 39.08
Photo of Luzia  Schmid
Luzia Schmid 40.04
Photo of Karin  Jaun
Karin Jaun 43.40

Frauen F50

Photo of Karin  Etter
Karin Etter 44.45
Photo of Monika  Kaufmann
Monika Kaufmann 45.52
Photo of Corinne  Zisch
Corinne Zisch 46.47

Frauen F60

Photo of Sonya  Gurtner
Sonya Gurtner 46.45
Photo of Uschi  Meyer
Uschi Meyer 50.36
Photo of Elsbeth  Borer
Elsbeth Borer 53.32

Frauen F70

Photo of Trudi  Marti
Trudi Marti 55.19
Photo of Marlyse  Burger
Marlyse Burger 58.10
Photo of Colette  Petit
Colette Petit 1.01.10

Männer M20

Photo of Merhawi  Asmelash
Merhawi Asmelash 33.13
Photo of Bruno  Albuquerque
Bruno Albuquerque 33.13
Photo of Matthias  Kyburz
Matthias Kyburz 33.24

Männer M30

Photo of Neil  Burton
Neil Burton 33.16
Photo of Estefanus  Heilemichael
Estefanus Heilemichael 33.45
Photo of Mohamednur  Hamd
Mohamednur Hamd 33.51

Männer M40

Photo of Hanspeter  Scherr
Hanspeter Scherr 37.55
Photo of Isidor  Christen
Isidor Christen 39.36

Männer M50

Photo of Marco  Oberti
Marco Oberti 39.57
Photo of Markus  Gerber
Markus Gerber 38.51
Photo of Martin  Kühni
Martin Kühni 38.20

Männer M60

Photo of Ruedi  Landolt
Ruedi Landolt 40.46
Photo of Markus  Hunziker
Markus Hunziker 42.44
Photo of Peter  Camenzind
Peter Camenzind 43.09

Männer M70

Photo of Karl  Inglin
Karl Inglin 46.19
Photo of Francesco  Galati
Francesco Galati 47.36
Photo of Fred  Ort
Fred Ort 49.06